Radiant IPTV Compliance
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ITALY: +39-0694802052 SPAIN: +34-911232338 BAHRAIN: +973-16196857
SWEDEN: +46-844680662 JAPAN: +81-345909857 NETHERLANDS: +31-858880197
BELGIUM: +32-78484548 FRANCE: +33-975180084 IRELAND: +353-766805168
PORTUGAL: +351-308801118  24x7x365 Sales and Support Available.

Radiant IPTV has obtained direct licenses from Bangladeshi TV channels to offer their content globally.

In addition, Radiant IPTV is a FCC licensed Local & Long Distance Telephone Carrier in USA as well as it holds an International 214 Telecommunications Carrier License in order to maintain and offer quality telephony services to residential & business customers.